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Online Store for all Building Materials

How often have you seen plasterboard shipments on the highways, or being used in constructions? Every GTEK Plasterboard supplier insists on its efficiency and quality for a reason, which makes it so common in every build!

GTEK plasterboard supplies in Adelaide as well as the rest of the world see constant unending demands and have been noted to have been used in almost every build taking place in Adelaide.

The fact that plasterboards are immensely efficient for every build and are advantageous in every phase of the build including after the build is completed, makes it an apt building material for a budget build. Not just that, it can also be tweaked with accordance to the build and the scale of the same.

The fact that they are environment friendly, sustainable, leaves 0 carbon footprint, and its ease in maintenance and builds make it a highly recommended product for every build,but we are sure that you had no idea about the things we have mentioned about plasterboards below!

Having supplied some of the best quality GTEK Plasterboard supplies in Adelaide, Adelaide Building Materials has now become the best GTEK plasterboard supplier in Adelaide, which also makes us an immensely knowledgeable GTEK Plasterboard supplier in the city

Here are a few GTEK plasterboard supplier grade facts that only we know:

Plasterboards have been among us for more than centuries!

With early stories stating their origin to be the UK, their significance can be taken all the way back to the 1890s and perhaps much earlier, if studies and the tech progress help us. The first ever Plasterboard reached the Australian shores around this time and made its way to a building, which was the first ever mention of the same.

Apart from this, it was properly introduced to the market around the 1940s and eventually took pace from the 1960s. The first ever plasterboard was used in a cottage in North Sydney. Every GTEK Plasterboard supplier knows this story’s origin, but regardless of that, plasterboards have changed the face of constructions everywhere, right from the transit to the build and even after!

Strong Resistance to fire

Made almost entirely from gypsum which itself is a fire resistant material, plasterboards don’t get their abilities from this alone. The fact that their structural integrity is such that there are minute bubbles containing water which first vaporise at the introduction of heat. This further prevents the plasterboard from catching fire.

This prevents the gypsum temperature from rising profusely, thus preventing the fire. Gypsum is known to only catch fire at extremely high temperatures. This also happens to be the biggest USP of plasterboards sold all across the country and why GTEK Plasterboard supplies in Adelaide always come from us, Adelaide Building Materials..

It is Recyclable!

You were “today” years old when you found this out, we can bet on that!
Plasterboards are 100% recyclable which makes them immensely eco friendly! They can be recreated into fresh plasterboards or could become soil nutrients as Gypsum is known to make the soil fertile and can help in nutrient retention and water absorption! A GTEK Plasterboard Supplier can provide you the best quality plasterboard in town and also assure your duty to nature because these are all completely recyclable!


Adelaide Building Materials has been providing quality plasterboards to every building in the city and has been noted to have always delivered the best GTEK Plasterboard supplies in Adelaide. Their reputation as the leading GTEK Plasterboard supplier in the country has given them the edge in the market, making them the best option available across Australia.