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Online Store for all Building Materials

Fibre cement claddings have been used in builds since aes, and have undergone significant changes to incorporate the “ever – growing” demands and a fibre cement and cladding supplier in Adelaide is the best person to testify for this! The fact that they’re cost effective isn’t the only advantage that has seen their abundant use across the globe!

It also holds immense history in regards to the inclusion of asbestos in its composition which later on turned out to be poisonous for humans. The initial records of fibre cement cladding supplies mention the components to constitute at least 10% asbestos which after certain research was proven to be extremely threatening to human health. It was found to cause respiratory problems in the workers who worked with it and later on also in the residents who lived within these particular walls.

Fibre cement cladding supplies and a fibre cement and cladding supplier in Adelaide and the rest of the world did bring out a better composition with increased properties which is now being popularly implemented access the world.

Here are a few benefits that make this a testimonial and why you should consider using fibre cement cladding supplies for your build:

Wider choice and options

One of the biggest advantages of using Fibre cement cladding supplies for your build is the number of options you can get and choose from a wide range of colours and sizes according to the requirements your build calls for! The fact that a fibre cement and cladding supplier in Adelaide has the ease to incorporate any colour and size for this product makes it immensely viable and apt for people looking for flexibility in material procurement, or simply those who love options!

Resemblance to wood

Who doesn’t like a wood finish on their property, and if it’s a residential build, then we are ready to bet that you’d like a wood texture and finish to make it look amazing! The fact that fibre cement cladding supplies are extremely cheap compared to timber claddings and can still give you a wood finish without any problem while also eliminating several other problems like maintenance and durability.

Any fibre cement and cladding supplier in Adelaide would suggest you to go for fibre cement cladding supplies instead of actual timber to cut costs for you!

Extreme Durability

Fibre cement cladding supplies are immensely durable and have been known to last for a long time! They don’t absorb moisture from rain or snow making it almost impervious to rot or warp.

Resistance to Heat and Fire

This is where it strikes the best! Unlike some of its counterparts like wood or vinyl, this isn’t affected much by fire. The fact that every fibre cement and cladding supplier in Adelaide as well as the direct manufacturers state that fire cement cladding supplies boards don’t catch flames for an hour even after direct contact to the fire makes the the best option for those looking for safer builds.

Sustainable, budget and weather friendly

A Fibre cement and cladding supplier in Adelaide continuously do their part to promote the use of fibre cement cladding supplies over the traditional timber supplies, mainly because of this point! The fact that they are better for the environment, remain unaffected by weather conditions, and are extremely durable compared to its counterparts along with the low rates, make it the best option for an efficient budget build!


Adelaide Building materials aims at making material procurement as easy as window shopping with the help of their portal, and also aims at spreading awareness on how a person can create the best builds using the most viable and efficient products. Being one of the biggest fibre cement and cladding supplier in Adelaide, their team ensures that their fibre cement cladding supplies always maintain quality and are counted among the best in town. You can easily approach them online for any build without any false alarm or doubt.